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| June 12, 2019

Part of our ongoing practice here at Continuum Consulting Group is educating the community about proper methods, strategies and financial tools, so anyone can make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial independence, goals and life desires. As the only female planner on our team, I made it my mission to empower women through knowledge and help them overcome the many gender-based obstacles in their way. This passion prompted me to build an educational workshop around the issues of wage disparity between genders, women’s lower social security benefits, our longer lifespan, and overall lack of necessary guidance for women to better inform themselves.

My talk, “Plan Like a Woman”, which teaches women about addressing their unique needs, achieving a comfortable retirement, and financial and life dreams, has gotten buzz around town and attracted UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business, which invited me to be one of the lecturers in their Certificate in Women’s Leadership. This new program is a ground-breaking 3-day course, designed to prepare female mid- to senior-management level professionals and executives to not only become leaders and get their seats on Boards of Directors, but to also engage their key talent in building and influencing these Boards and advance their careers through leadership and impact. Just as it is my objective to empower women, this program will:

  • help women to show up empowered while also elevating others.
  • provide women leaders with tools to build a consistently confident, credible and impactful personal leadership presence.
  • coach them to confidently bring their unique strengths and attributes.
  • create purposeful alliances and be adequately equipped with tactical tools and resources to elevate their careers.
  • Form mini-affinity groups for long lasting, ongoing peer coaching following the program.

By negotiating better salaries for ourselves, we can lessen the gender-wage gap. By becoming sophisticated marketers of our distinctive skills, perspectives and capabilities, we’re able to confront challenges and put actionable plans together with sound direction. With that knowledge, we can shape the future not only in the boardrooms and across companies’ cultures but also in our own lives and the lives of others.

To enhance the meaningful, genuine connections and learning between the candidates, the setting will be kept to 50 women. Further information about the certificate program may be found here with special pricing by using a code EB1995. For any questions regarding personalized planning tailored to your unique needs or discussing whether you are on the right track toward achieving to your goals, I can be contacted privately.

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