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con·tin·u·um - [kuhn-tin-yoo-uhm] noun, plural con·tin·u·a – a continuous extent, series or whole. Anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition, to a different condition, without any abrupt changes.

Continuum Consulting Group is a boutique financial planning firm providing comprehensive planning services to individuals and businesses.

At Continuum, we are defined by our commitment to offering an uncommon level of service, passion and dedication. We believe that the first priority in financial planning is you -- your needs, your objectives, your aspirations. The moment your plan is put into place, our work is just beginning. Our commitment is to stay with you long after we build an initial plan…developing a relationship that expands and evolves to best serve you.

We believe in this continuous process, one that grows with you, allowing for adjustments and flexibility no matter what challenges may arise.

Our success is measured by yours. We serve as your guide through every step of the financial planning process. We determine and put into place the concrete steps needed toward achieving your long-term goals and objectives so that you stay on track.