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$126,290 PER YEAR!

On average, the cost of a private room in a nursing home facility in Cincinnati is $126,2901 and the average stay is between 2-3 years, with 14% of residents staying over 5 years!2 That could add up to costs totaling over $630,000 in today's dollars, and keep in mind that long-term care costs are significantly on the rise. So, it is typically best to begin your planning early.  Learn more below.

Client Centered

Long-term care planning can be complicated, but we’re here to help! Luke Yengo of Continuum Consulting Group will walk through the key aspects to long-term contingencies, and discuss the various methods to properly plan. By the end of this concise 30-minute workshop, you'll have the knowledge needed to begin your planning in coordination with your overall retirement plan. We host the webinar every Wednesday at 11:00am EST, and you can register below for free.

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  1. Specifics to long-term care contingencies
  2. The various care options available
  3. Medicare and Medicaid's role in covering cost
  4. Strategies to properly plan for future expenses
  5. Next steps you can take today to improve your security


  • Long-term care expenses are significantly on the rise
  • 50% of Americans say their spouse is their LTC plan; however, the majority have never had the conversation2
  • Living a healthy lifestyle actually increases your risk of needing long-term care3
  • Medicare and Medicaid are not sufficient in properly covering care
  • Starting your planning early can dramatically improve your retirement plan

1: Average cost of care derived from Lincoln Financials' reporting at 2: AARP Long Term Care Fact Sheet 2017 3: VerstaResearch "2017 LTC Marketing and Thought Leadership Research, Finding from Surveys of Advisors & Consumers" CRN-3561861-042221